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Artreach Brings You Affordable Art!

First Snowboard Connection’s Cheap Thrills, now Artreach’s quarterly show at the Vermillion Gallery, with artwork priced at an average of $200, with some more and some less! ArtReach is a non-profit arts organization that aims to increase demand for art among young professionals in King County by promoting approachable art.

Artists include:
Erin Kendig
Thomas Krueger
Natalie Oswald
Kate Protage
Angela Scott
Jim Stoccardo
Kellie Talbot


Kim E Alexander Jr., Little Red Girl, and Si Clark at Suite 100’s Mecha/Organic

Seattle’s Suite 100 Gallery has put together a group show entitled Mecha/Organic for the month of October. It’s an exhibition that “combines, divides, and defines the line between mechanical and organic.” To work on that theory, they’ve gathered about a dozen artists of all different styles and genres. These are three of my personal favorites from the bunch.

An illustrator who grew up in a small village in the Cotswolds but now lives in London, Si Clark now mixes influences from his childhood countryside surroundings with his present urban living situation. His pieces are well-polished and sometimes gritty combinations of traditional and digital mediums.

A piece by Si Clark.

Who knew that graphite and colored pencil drawings on frosted mylar could be so exciting? Kim E Alexander Jr. explorations of form and shape capture movement and pay careful attention to detail. Expect exciting new pieces from him at this group show.

Kim E Alexander Jr.’s Small Reservoir piece.

Erin Kendig, or Little Red Girl, seems like a rather new player on the Seattle art scene, but her work has thus far been whole-heartedly embraced by the community. Her best pieces showcase organic, flowing shapes and expertly play on white space, using only watercolors and inks that are minimally necessary.

Little Red Girl’s tree-head.

First Thursday, Pioneer Square, July 2008

Alright, this is a bit late, but a late post is better than a non-post, correct? 🙂
Here are some of our favorites from the July 2008 First Thursday Art Walk! Enjoy! 🙂

Bryan Mandronico‘s kooky, sci-fi inspired paintings aren’t just expertly colored; his use of clean lines, abstract shapes, and negative space make well-balanced, powerful pieces.

Bryan Mandronico shows with a little gold leaf and acrylic paint that sea creatures, popes, and aliens can hang out together without a hitch.

Erin Kendig, also known as Little Red Girl, didn’t have many pieces for sale on this day. Nonetheless, her space, which was shared with previously covered Ryan Molenkamp, was one of the hits of the 619 Building.

Two tree lovers embrace in Erin Kendig‘s beautifully inked and intricately plotted drawings. (Note the little red girl in the lower left, watching the lovers.)

Stacey Rozich‘s Birdhaus Complete is a colorful display of different birds. Watercolors on paper.

Stacey Rozich‘s Problems at Sea offers a new take on seafaring. Watercolors on paper.