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The REDEFINE Magazine Arts Blog Has Moved!

Hi! Just wanted to write to let you know that our blog is now being hosted directly on our website, at:

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EMP|SFM American Letterpress: The Art Of Hatch Show Print

Until July 16th, 2009, the EMP|SFM (Experience Music Project | Science Fiction Museum) in Seattle will be hosting American Letterpress: The Art Of Hatch Show Print, a new exhibition organized by the Smithsonian. The EMP will be the first place to hold this, which will provide an incredible look into the role of American letterpress printing in promoting music events since the late 1800s. It will feature 126 historical and contemporary posters of all different types and styles. Go check it out… although you obviously have plenty of time!


Nikki McClure Tells You To Vote For Survival

Urging people to vote with posters is not a new thing, but urging people to vote with limited edition silk-screened wood boards does seem a little more unique.

Olympia artist Nikki McClure‘s artwork will be showcased on the traveling train art tour, Vote For Survival. On October 10th, they will have a reception at the wonderfully indie San Francisco zine shop, Needles & Pens. From October 18th to November 12th, the tour will be at the famous Giant Robot shop in Los Angeles.

But best of all, for all of those individuals who will not be in California, Olympia shop BuyOlympia will have four of the prints available for purchase on their website.

Each print is signed and numbered by Nikki McClure, and the 1/4″ thick Fir boards are printed with thick, rich inks. With eyelets in the top two corners of the boards, they are easy to hang and display without framing, and, at 30 limited edition copies per piece, the pieces will be original artworks owned by few other individuals.

Polaroid PoGo Portable Printer in U-District

Never heard of the Polaroid PoGo until now, but this little advertisement was pretty interesting and eye-catching. So what is the PoGo? It’s a portable printer. The quality is not nearly comparable to a glossy printed photo, but it’s good enough for its size and convenience. 2″ x 3″ borderless prints print in under a minute. On the downside, however, it’s hard to imagine people will really have a use for these things over a use for the now sadly extinct Polaroid.

Dung and Dunger Buffalo Poop Paper!

In this green day and age, people are constantly trying to find alternatives to paper. Now comes an alternative you may not even have heard of. POOP PAPER. That’s right — paper made of poop.

Buffalo poo is the newest star in this movement of animal poo products, brought to you by the cleverly (and/or atrociously) named Dung and Dunger! Made in Idaho and printed by artist Daniel Hidalgo and Victor Bruha, it’s the American version of elephant dung paper. They sell one of a kind animal prints using the paper, primarily targeting national park-goers. They even set up shop at Yellowstone National Park once in a while.

The first buffalo dung print made by Dung and Dunger!

Detail of the dung… doesn’t it look so silky and smooth?

Let’s break down the paper-making process for you into easy-to-digest terms.

Heaping globs of steaming or rotting buffalo poop get scooped up… not an easy thing considering they consist of grasses and foliage and are therefore quite delicate. The heaps are collected from private bison herds in Montana, near Yellowstone National Park.

The dungy poo gets boiled in a pot, possibly in something like a pot, possibly in something similar to what you’d make soup in. Apparently, though, it doesn’t smell all that bad.

The boiled poop is combined with recycled paper pulp, because by itself, it’d be much too fragile to hold together. The wet sheet is molded and transferred onto a “couching sheet,” for drying.

Rinse and repeat. Most custom papers are created using a similar process… poop-free or not.

Need more poop products? Try these cute Mr. Ellie Pooh cards and books.