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The REDEFINE Magazine Arts Blog Has Moved!

Hi! Just wanted to write to let you know that our blog is now being hosted directly on our website, at:

Please update your links and blog readers. We will also be starting to update on a more frequent basis, hopefully daily, so if you have art news, show openings, or work you would like to pass onto us, please write us at ~

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Of Montreal Blik Surface Graphics? What’s Next?

Of Montreal is a band that has seen success as the result of good music (arguable), but also good marketing (possibly also arguable, but not as much).

First, their music video for “Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games,” featuring cutsy-wootsy pop art animation, garnered wide attention from the web nerds. Then, the same song was used, slightly altered, for a obnoxious yet hypnotic Outback Steakhouse commercial.

And now comes of Montreal’s wonderful new shenanigan for their new album, Skeletal Lamping… Blik Surface Graphics inspired by the album artwork!!

A true of Montreal fan benefits hugely from this offer, as purchasing one $40 set also gives a code to download the whole album digitally. So, after doing the math, if each song is purchased at $0.99 apiece digitally and there are 15 songs, the graphics pretty much only cost $25. Which is not bad at all, especially when one considers that these are these are extremely intricate packages with many pieces.

The David Barnes package (click here to view) has 105 movable and reusable pieces, and the Gemini Tactics package (click here to view has 55 movable and reusable pieces.

Compare that to something like this Lacy Sunday package by Jan Habraken, which only comes with 4 colors in three packages, and you REALLY get an idea of what a good deal this is. If you’re an of Montreal fan.

Or maybe you just like their graphics and want to sell the code for the album download.

Castle Crashers Vinyl Toys? Yes, Please.

Castle Crashers is one of XBox Live’s newest runaway hits. It brings back the side-scrolling video game action that those of us who grew up on Nintendo and Super Nintendo know so well. It’s about time someone made a game that scrolled sideways and was attractive to the new generation.

With kickass animated graphics, cuddly cuddly characters, a remarkably disgusting yet hilarious sense of humor, and one of the most epic soundtracks ever to grace the XBox Live Arcade, Castle Crashers is building up momentum through word of mouth, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

This weekend, an ultimate nerd-fest, PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) came to Seattle and artists from Castle Crashers holed up in a booth. They brought with them glorious glorious vinyl toys of the game’s knights and one of its barbarian. Two life-sized foam characters were also present. At “Buy 3, Get 1 Free,” the vinyls of the knights probably sold much, much better than anyone with Castle Crashers could have ever anticipated. They sold out far before the event was over.

Here are two of the characters — the Green Poison Knight and the Barbarian:

But for those of you who are still interested, the vinyl’s will be available on their website, and it is a great bridge between the videogame world and the urban street art world.

Manifest Hope Gallery at the Democratic National Convention

Agree or disagree with Barack Obama’s policies, he has done something that has caused numerous artists to practically idolize him and reproduce him in visual form. Amongst the most famous is probably one image that has been used somewhat ad nauseum, and that is the rendition of Obama shown below, crafted by Obey Giant creator, Shepard Fairey.

Obama fans will rejoice loudly. There will soon be a Manifest Hope Gallery on display from August 24 through August 28 at the Democratic National Convention. The gallery will be housed within Denver’s Andenken Gallery, and an additional transformed warehouse space, which spans 10,000 sq. ft, will be included as well. Dozens of artists will take part, including Alex Pardee, David Choe, Elizabeth Rosen, and Zina Saunders.

All this goes hand in hand with our coverage of artwork made by supporters of presidential candidates back in Spring 2008… seems like Obama is the favored candidates of artists, hands down.

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William A. Herberholz’s Wonderwoman and Superman at Caffe Vita

Seattle local William A. Herberholz is known for his tin sculptures. Here, he crafts Wonderwoman and Superman panels, laid on vintage piano keys. Just beautiful for the comic nerd or vintage art buff. Now on view at the Queen Anne Caffe Vita!

Upcoming Events: Blaine Fontana and Lucklusters!

Originally from the Pacific Northwest but now residing in Southern California, Blaine Fontana is the favorite of many skate-related brands. He has a couple books that have been printed by Upper Playground and, as the owner of one, I must say that they are wholly worth the money. In this case, Vans has brought Blaine Fontana to Seattle for a book signing at the skate and snow shop, Snowboard Connection. See the unveiling of a new mural and partake in a book signing! 263 Yale Ave. N, Seattle, WA.

A time at Seattle’s possibly newest venue, King Cobra, is always a good time. For $3.00, you can witness live paintings by favorite Seattle street artists, PGEE!, Ego, Brennan Coyle, Parskid, 2H, 179, and Daner! Hip-hop music by DJ Sean Cee.

New Artist Galleries Up!

Just a heads up for new artist galleries on our website!
Coming this week: Frye Art Museum and San Francisco Art Trip!

Andy Haynes Bask In Your Thoughtcrimes Erica Steiner Greg Simanson
Ian Stevenson Jeremy Gregory Jesse Reno MB77
Saira Kennedy Ten Hundred

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No Touching Ground