Seattle Art Museum’s 75th Anniversary at the Olympic Sculpture Park.

Apparently we cannot get enough of the Olympic Sculpture Park, so here are some more fixin’s from SAM’s 75th Anniversary Event on fateful Friday evening. Ah, thank God for comped press tickets. Many a poor chap were watching down into the Bill & Melinda Gates Amphitheater from the corner of Broad and Western, while we were inside, enjoying free (and somewhat delicious) snacks and the perks of an open bar. We were also pretending to be important alongside the folks who had paid a good $175 or $250 for their tickets.

Not that we couldn’t have just waltzed in… because we could have. They barely checked. Essentially — if you acted like you were important and knew what you were doing — you were pretty much in. Hehe.

Ice sculpture of a Gibson guitar!!

Later that night, it was revealed that the strings of the Gibson guitar are NEON. OooO.

In case you didn’t believe it was a Gibson. (Gibson sponsored the event, duh.)

In case you didn’t believe it was an ice guitar.

Ah, the art of a spilled glass of wine?

An experimental orchestra, comprised of 50 guitarists and bassists from around Seattle. Visit our REAL website in the near future for an actual write-up of the music portion!! It was SICK. In a good way.

Are these cake girls a trip or WHAT? We tried following them and their little parade… to the magical land of cakes… but the cake land never showed itself :[ No joke… they had boxes of cake but they wouldn’t tell us how we could eat it. So cruel.

On the way to the land of cake…?


One response to “Seattle Art Museum’s 75th Anniversary at the Olympic Sculpture Park.

  1. Totally agree with you regarding the sculpture garden. My somewhat snotty sister-in-law kept going on about how awesome this garden was so we were looking forward to checking it out when we were recently visiting. When we left Seattle in 2004 – they were just working on this project. Needless to say, we were dissapointed…talk about lame. Seattle is known for glass – they should’ve made that space a glass garden. Or like in Chicago, in Mellenium Park, taken old tail lights, rail road lights and other rusted steel stuff and combined it with other cool found objects which created a really, really cool space. At least the view was fantastic! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Denise, via pittsburgh

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