Victimless Jacket at MoMA… ew?

Uhhhh. This jacket, shown at the MoMA, was made of stem cells from mice and was fed nutrients. It died after five days due to some complication (they had to pull the plug). Yes, it is alive. Or I guess I should say WAS. Since it’s dead. More details here.


One response to “Victimless Jacket at MoMA… ew?

  1. THIS IS JUST WRONG, NEVER SHOULD AN EXPERIMENT BE MADE WHERE LIFE IS DESTROYED, THUS WHY WE DO NOT TEST NUCLEAR WEAPONS AND WHY YOU DONT FEED PEOPLE POSION TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS, as a Christian i believe that we have dominion over the animals, that means you never should kill for any reason other than if it is entirely nessisary. the stem cells that made this piece of art were thoes of a creature that would have been one of Gods creation, no that being is on display in a glass vial/// this is the most inhumane thing to be done to an animal, to defile its pelt befor it even takes its first breath//// NEVER WILL THIS HAPPEN AGAIN FOR I WATCH AND WAIT—– THE ARMY OF THE LORD RISES AND IS RESTLESS FOR WAR!!!!!!!!!!

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